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I’m in search of new image stocking (anyway I don’t like the way flickr are)
My rule is
1. Must able to tracking the data or statistic (aka. who visiting, comment, upload date and time, referer)
2. Able to upload anytime
This one PG really failed me. PG force me to upload suddenly. We all know that we’re living in a country with ‘damn stable’ mobile network. Oops, Maybe that’s fault is only on my OS Platform, I’m running on a T-Mobile G1 and PG on Droid is real nothing but camera. I can’t take a photo and upload it later. When I upload failed there is no Re-Upload button. It’ s mean that’s I need to retake a photo.
3. Unable to do twitter oauth.
I think this thing is forgivable. PG is really need a brand recognition. And made one way like comment-to-tweet . But anyway pg must accept that’s PG has less user than twitter. To allow twitter to become a user without a register could be a chance for more customer ( good services will call for more people to be a part of your services anyway)
4. Unlimited Bandwith.
I may not used all your bandwith, anyway to announce that’s unlimited is the best thing to guaranteed that’s I’ll get the best services.



1. Data collection ( Still no stat, maybe if i really need stats i must go to Flickr instead. *sigh* )
2. Suddenly Snap! Live , no outdate!
3. Community getting stronger!
4. Unlimited Bandwith


1. PG on android is a promotion, not a product
2. You can’t upload it later. (maybe available on another platform)
3. PG not allowed an twitter Oauth ( is a better case study)
4. Camera on PG is suck! I prefer to take a photo from other app and upload it later (goto Conclude.Hate.2.)

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