Posted on: 9 พฤษภาคม, 2010

If we talked with reason it’d better way than playing dumb.
but we never smart. playing dumb both.
I’m not the first.
I always apologize for no reason.
she never accepted it.
what shall i do?
She wont have a belief.
We can’t live in the same social if there were no belief.
I said this and She said that
Listening to me… It’s my own problem with you… aint it?
it used to be a good time until i left Thai.

when I left Thai you cried.
i also cried with you.
now i cried. and you said because i’m weak.
can i say ‘you changed’ ? how could you said ‘nothing changed.’

you said, and i believed.
somebody said you got new guys to hanged with.
I’ m not your boyfriends. i have no right. Yes this is what it is.
You replied me different.
‘Idiots’ ‘Go to hell’
Am i ever spoken to you this kind of harsh word?
All i do is worship and respect like sister in my family.

What ‘ve i got back?
What do i get?
It’s not equal. yes I’m not your boyfriends. Friend of mine also do something like this. So it’s ok with you.
You like some person. I know… keep it silence.. because i’ve no right.
He denied you. You got angry. It’s me where your anger was.

I accepted with doubt. Because i ‘m a good guy in non-existent novel.
i don’t wanna said that’ i am a good guy. just like worship and narcistes myself.
You still got anger. All pushed forward to me.

You said you have catamenia. This pain got your anger.
You apologized me. I proudly accept it.

what now? I fought with my friend.
Friend for years. gonna become stranger. He said don’t dare to published anything over internet.
I hate to be forced to do something. I hate the box somebody put me in.
I refused it.

I called you. wish to listen to and give me some advice.
You misundertaken yourself as him.
I ‘ve got drunk can’t speak consciously.
And when i got my conscious. You never taken my called.
Mistaken yourself as my friend.

You changed and mistaken it. Seemingly you dont need this friend of your anymore.
too tired of this.
listen to me… accept my apologize or not is your choices.
just please listening to me.
Just let me say something.



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