Contribute to the silented guy

Posted on: 11 พฤษภาคม, 2010

This is not how things going. Just described him.

He was a silent person. He would nodded his head an accepted instead of explained or denied.

He is a listener, I’m a speaker.

I’m a person who run away from him and other. Just for only a moment with my girlfriend.

As i said he’s a listener, never even asked me why.

But I’m a speaker (and social media animal) . He doesn’t need to ask me anyway.

When I cried or fell down, he’s always there.

Now he’s in a position I used to be.

I jealoused her. He’s my friend for years. I love him. Not the way gay, but he’s my listener , friend who always cheer me up.

But he looked so happy. His happiness is also mine. I can’t be jealous because of his happiness.

My friend happiness is important than myself. I know… And they only have two weeks together. Different province in Thailand isn’t larger as state in USA. But still a lot distance between them.

I’d asked her… whenever possible. And tell her when thing changed how to be get along together.

He’s a good man and almost non-existent from the world. Pleased don’t let him down.

He’s loved you Emilee . I’m sure for this.

Don’t let him down.


2 Responses to "Contribute to the silented guy"

I’m Jaja . Emilee told me about this dialy~ . Who’s him? ^^~

Firstly, you suppose to log out my account. Secondly it’s Diary not dialy. Finally That’s damn gut that’s study Gems & Jewelry with me.


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