Posted on: 1 มิถุนายน, 2010

Dear my honour favorite manager, thanks lord that I’ve got a chance to working with you. Whenever I greeting you alway ignore me like I’m a little fairy that cant be heard or seen. Thanks to showed us that American citizen is the first priority in your store. And thanks a lot to clocked me out earlier than schedule with incredibly fast speed on your system so I can waste my time on bed and ask myself what am I doing here. You’ve done so many unbeleivable experienced that can be found nowhere. I heard a bad rumor that said you cheat those ‘black’ people hour and got into trouble. I always believe that their’s no strong racists manager in America so I beleived that rumor is not true. I know and alway keep in mind that I’ve limited English and speak ‘Engrish’ so I alway bother you with my foolishness. I only hope that I was not treat by racists manager and believed that the reason you clock me out must be ‘labour high’ and every single ‘missing hour’ was coincidence that I clocked out with you. Now I’ve my mind ready to fight against any racists. I’m ready to write open letter ot anything that need to publish how racists should be treated. Thanks WordPress alot because facebook not let me wrote this lenghty status. Thanks a lot and have a great day.



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