Posted on: 9 มิถุนายน, 2010


I went back home to get my everything I need. And went to Mook’s house because Chuck and Gift just left yesterday and she didn’t want to stay alone in a house for safety reason.

She was slept like grave. I knocked the door and no answer. Thanks goodness that I’ve got key from Jaja ( which got a key from Mook)

I got inside the house and got ober her room. Standed over her bed and thought ” Will she woke up if somebody rape her?”

And I took a bath and got my time with iPhone. Such a lonely and sleepy So I decided to took a nap for 28 Min. I didn’t woke up because it tried to ring. But because of it woke Mook.

She stared at me with wonder sight. So I just asked her “You wondered how was I getting here, don’t you?”

Then got dress and left to work.

Marco appeared and the schedule said I got a work as his replacement. ฝรั่งที่ดีเลยรู้สึกว่าเค้าเคยเปรยไว้ว่าจะไม่มาทำ และเมื่อวานติดต่อมือถือไม่ได้ ทั้งหมดเป็นความผิดเค้าเอง ดังนั้นคนที่สมควรได้งานคือโนวิต้า

My damn favourite manager said ‘ I don’t cared what Scott told you. (And also why Marco not took a called yesterday ) He supposed to work , not you. If you don’t mind you may wait becaused we gonna getting busy today. ‘

This really pissed me. You gave me 1 day to work and add me more day because of that. But that’s not satisfied you enough so you said ‘i don’t need you’. And cut the whole day that you gave me. WTF that said ‘next week we gonna get busy’ mean nothing to me. thanks for destroy my american dream. Now i know that USA is …not a place for any Asians.

But you know what? I really tired and that’s fine. But I just dont like the way he treat us.

Then I go to bed get some sleep. ( Not my bed, Karl snored like factory working)

And this is the last day for Buy at Panama City Beach. I went to Pier Park with Jaja, Karl and Mook.

Swiped card for Mook and Jaja… $1xx and my card got -$10.60 credits (Whoaaa!)

Stay with Boy’s house until all of them got shuttle and left here. What a sadness farewell. Oh yeah I sold my iphone.

I have a bottle of Hineken with myself as a farewell for them and go to sleep at Mook’s house and found Karl at the door. He said “Scott need somebody at the truck. You or Tony.. I called your house and they said you’ll”

So I just got home and got dressed with slept over mind.



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