Posted on: 9 มิถุนายน, 2010


I just work with Mike in a freeze room for 2hour ( almost asked to clocked out since first 10minute. Too colddddddddd!!!!!!)

Tim clocked me out at 08.30

And I work at 10.30 at Subway. Gotta sleepppppppppp

I almost fell asleep when I took a bath, so I heated up the water. Almost boiled myself. Extremely hot!… and almost  got sleep when dried my hair.

Sleepy walked to Subway…. A lot of people fell unconscious or blink their conscious. Mine was like flash. Blinkk conscious… OK I’m now in front of Hiway79……hmmm? How did I get in front of Subway? Where is my memories? How couldn’t i remembered that?????

Sleepy work at Subway…. And got conscious after 14:00 ( Usually my wake-up time)

I supposed to worked from 10:30 – 13:30

And Natalia knew that I got no work at Mcd. So she let me work until 15:00

I loved Natalia, and so Subway.

Mcd suck!

And I got back to Mook’s house. Took a longggggg sleeeppppppppp and wake up again almost midnight ( not sure about exact time… maybe 10 or 11 PM )

Got a sleep through day 80



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