Posted on: 24 มิถุนายน, 2010

Hundredth day of my journey! nothing special. lol

I was slept all day ten hour long. Bad sleep as first came here because somebody that suppose to online disappear. It’s not her fault but mine that can’t took her away from 1st priorities. I knew that she’d never online after 1200 (which mean 00:00 in Thailand). Not her fault and all the blame go to my ‘uncontrolable disorder mind.’

I worked from 2200 – 0600 as schedule.

When I was ‘sing and work’ Jessica asked me that did I sing a song?
And she said “Novita work hard, or did you hardly to work”

lol , didnt answer her doesn’t mean I cant catch that . lol

Jes said I got 84 hour for my last pay cheque.


Last two week I got clocked out before exactly 40 hour. And last week I’m sure that I worked 38 – 39 hour.
How could I get 84 hour!??

Scott said next week there’re 4 Thai ppl going to work here.

When I was going to go home I tried to find any manager to clocked me out but Scott said that he need me to stay until Vannessa come in.

And he said I may called Mcd tonight if Jessica want me to work.

Thanks a lot Scott. Wanna called you father 🙂

A good 100th day



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