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เปิด Microsoft Entourage ( outlook บนแมคน่ะแหละ) เช็คเมล์บริษัทซะหน่อย

เมื่อลูกค้าบอกว่าให้จัดตามใจชอบ(?) ผมก็รู้สึกได้ถึงภัยอันตรายที่มองไม่เห็น

แล้วเค้าก็ตรวจปรุ๊ฟ ให้แก้ตั้งแต่เล็กน้อยไปจนชื่อชื่อนามสกุล

แล้วก็มีเพื่อนที่ตำแหน่งเท่ากันขัดขากัน มาให้ผมแก้เพื่อต่อต้านคนแรก แน่นอนครับ ไอ้ที่แก้ครั้งแรกไปทั้งหมด ถูกแก้กลับ แม้แต่ชื่อนามสกุลและเรื่องเล็กน้อย

แล้วเวลาของผมก็หมดไปกับการแก้ไปแก้กลับ แทนที่จะทำงานอื่นให้เสร็จ

You’d never known how torture when I unable to talk to you.
Since I’m strange and extra inordinary to live in this fragile world.
You’re the most treasure I ever had. 
You’re young and innocent.
You never changed since our first met.
I love you.
You’re not my treasure I had. You are part of my life.
Which unable to live without. 

Since I checked all the information, Thai people with no US. residental also egglible to applicate for Compensation money.

That’s good news.

Bad news is I lost all payslip to proof my lost due to Oil spill


Fist , I lost my check . And now I lost my slip.



Well, my old thread as a diary hasn’t done yet and I ‘ve something to compose about.

Last thread I told ya about caliming a money from oil spill in gulf of Mexico , back in 20 Apr 2010.

well, they said

” 3.6 Do I have to be a United States citizen or have proof of legal residency to be eligible to receive payment from the GCCF?

No, you do not need to be a United States citizen or submit proof of legal residency to be eligible to receive a payment under the GCCF eligibility criteria. ”

over here


I’m reading about the rule and may send them some question through email. So this thread ‘ll be update after I got enough information.

hell yeah everyone know about BP oil rig explodtion back in April right?

Today ( actually right now) Nicholas tell me this

Nic : oh ya we are waiting for our money from bp an than we are living for arizona
Asani : money from bp? kinda compensate or something?
Nic : ya
Asani : well they wont pay while i living there ;(
Nic : yamy son chris got 5000 from them one week ago
Asani : ไ้ฟะฬ
Asani : what?

Asani : 5,000 us dollar?
Nic : yes an its gone

Asani : how they calculate for that?
Nic : what ever you made last year they times it times 3 an you get two checks one now an one in febuary
Asani : I mean , if i still there will i get those money?
Asani : alright

Asani : I wont get it anyway. Last year i wasl living here.
Nic : if you where here yes

Nic : everyone at mcdonalds is getting lots of money
Asani : OMG
Asani : poor me

Nic :  you may still be able to file
Nic : i will find out an let you know
Asani : thanks

Asani : i havent’ been in the state last year so I’m not sure if they can calculate me for compensation.
Nic : ok i will talk to you later
Asani : alright

Asani : thanks a lot Nic. :)
Asani : gald to talk to you. and about that T__T

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