Recorded of us

Posted on: 11 พฤศจิกายน, 2010

31th October 2010

Gracias’s friends (Namkhang) misunderstood that’s I sent Gracias somekind of request. She was telling Gracias that’s I sent her something before she goes on accepted . Of course Gracias immediately erase all the track faster than anyone thought. I saw her status displayed ‘single’ which is not suppose to display if there’s already ‘single’.

I felt quite strange, to tell the truth I didn’t surprise as you expected me to. I guess and it was right that it’s not her action.

However that’s night was the first time I told her ‘I love you’

Even I like her for long time but, this is a magical word which hardly to spelled. After I said I love her I sang ‘dao day dreaming’ from Pause (which is a song for person who just confessed their feeling straight to their beloved person. ) I thought I’ll ask her to be my girlfriend seriously at 6th December (it’s her birthday) but after I sang I was trying to access to my facebook pages and seen something.

Asani Viriyaakavuthi is now in a relationship with  !!

Ok that’s real surprised!!


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