iStudio (Thailand’s Apple authorize store) is sucker than ever

Posted on: 7 สิงหาคม, 2011

I’d love to keep blogging this in THAI because I could say a lot of shitty bad word but I’ve changed my mind. International Blogging is a lot more harmful and… yes, I want this harm that’s shitty store.

As you may known iPad2  have a Backlight bleed when it’s first launched ( read here ) .  @sdiox sent me this news via Pulse since I received brand new iPad2 . Yes, I’m such an early adopter of iPad2. iPad is different from iPhone since it’s globally warranty. If I ever had a problem I can swapping it anywhere on earth Apple could provided me a store.

But no! Not in Thailand, the country with only ‘Apple Authorize Store’ instead of Apple Store.

I know you’re doing a business, not a charity. But saying ‘Bleeding is not apple faulty. That’s out of warranty.’  WHOA isn’t that such a big deal? If you said ‘It’s not Apple fault, Blame LG while I’m checking what can I do for you’ wouldn’t be a lot better?

You can’t provided me any help iStudio (Thailand)  Do I need to send them across the world if it were anything faulty in the future? Do I need to send them to Hongkong or United State instead of claiming you whom selling higher price than Apple Store?

Big thanks for you. I’d never bought any item from your store from now and forever.


Asani Viriyaakavuthi

PS. You know how to contact me.



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