Posted on: 4 ตุลาคม, 2011


I, The plain 6square super user level2. I and the rest of other 6square super user are the group of people 6square trust. Since 6Square is a geolocate-social network people storming and create dupe (duplicate) venue. We’re the people 6square trust to give a power to get rid of that. And this is the stupid bitch that’s involved my life.

I, as other 4sq user lovely to accept any friend request because when you checking in an address that’s duplicate (or wrong or maybe non-exists) We have a job to merge your check-in to main venue if you were checking in another dupe.

I lovely to accept everyone and whoa I also a 6square player in a game. I also checked in and gain mayor (Of course even we’re super user there’s no advantage gaining a mayorship it’s a fair game)

Whoa I checking in my company venue (of course the main one, the rest of dupe already merged with my response) Whoa, I am a new mayor.

Somebody add me? Hmmm…. yes, accept a request is not a bad idea.

8-hour later that’s new friend create a venue name ‘บ้านเลขที่ 12 กริมโมลเพลซ. (ภาคีนกฟินิกส์)’ which mean [Number 12 Grimole places (Order of phoenixz)] and shout hoping nobody check-in

First thing first , That’s non-exists venue. I suppose to merge it somehow for sure. But which venue should I merge? I decided not to touch it since I don’t know what it is. And kindly says

“If you’re not set it as home and check-in off the grid, Somebody would have checked in anyway” (yes, english comment)

Later her troll friend coming up and spelled me bad word (for the rest of shit story read  >> here<<)

Well from social searched I know that’s bitch is working at TCDM (I also working here) as senior fucking designer. Well, I hate designer, They never done what we asking for. Oops, that’s personal and nothing relate to this post.

For people who can’t read her language. She said a bad word, actually meaning to harm me. I only said I given you a tip if you don’t want anyone to check-in your venue.

I said everything kind and formal. Thanks hell she’s still alive.

Some inspector said she’s now know she’s wrong and I did nothing but too much ego to apologized. Only said “Why you need to make yourself foreigner , Fuck you ! why not talking native. I wont understand any shit you said” FUCK that bitch I won’t keep this thing in this fiction. (yes, still fiction) let’s only Thai-readable understand what the fuck she’s talking.

The day later when I was coming to the office. They both sat in front of my path to the desk ready to slap me or whatever.

I just glance at pitifully bitch that’s can’t take casual separate from work. She’s meaningless not worth me even to stare for second.

At ten I went to talked with (yes, my purpose to used talk with, not talked to) a venue creator.

She’s just understand why her fucking ‘Magic Ministry’ become True Digital Content and Media (RS TOWER 38th Floor)

Maybe her shit venue contain information like (RS Tower 38 fl.) So I merged it to my venue. because 38th floor at RS Tower only has 1 company.

OH MY FUCK GOD. I merge those bitch venue to mine! that’s why when I gain mayorship from checking in main venue they thought I change their venue name (actually she’s never heard of any Super User. So she’d not thought I can change her venue from the start. Those bitch spelled me to die because they just think it suppose to be like that?) I tried to explain her we’re just do our job. Merging duplicate venue, close unexists venue or delete violate venue.

She was understand and keep saying “Why the fucking 6square super user merge mine”

Well, After 80 minute of talking she’s understand nothing.

Because the bitch like you’re everywhere. We, The 6square superuser need to merge and close your idiot venue.


I promise… no I swear I’ll haunt both her online identity until one of us die. I’ll stick with her Facebook identity. I don’t care if she’s changing, recreate or switch to another 6square username. I’ll haunt both of them. When these bitch violate the Foursquare I’ll be there Killing her fun.

And why I publicly post this? Because as she said she ‘WON’T’ read English. And As I state above this is only a fiction. All character is never existed as your venue. Don’t be more bitchy bitch please.

Yes, Psychic me.
Asani V.



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