Vintage iPod with Thai – languae

Posted on: 25 พฤศจิกายน, 2011

I blogging this because I just starting collect vintage iPod and noticed everything seem to be different from this ages. 10 years ago when it was only logicboard and magic of apple. iOS not even given birth yet and the system structure are all different.

This blog is just note (not fully how to. I’ll provide you the link for information, but not How to for newbie)

Dear Reader from nowhere to be known

First thing I need to say what kind of vintage ipod need a special hack.

  1. iPod with encrypted firmwareYou can do nothing. Can only hope apple not forget you yet. (0.001% chance)
    • iPod nano 2nd generation – 6th generation (Since 4th generation Apple built-in Thai font in the firmware, So there’s no need to hack)
    • iPod Classic 6th generation
  2. iPod without firmware encryptAll iPod before iPod nano 2nd generation, iPod Classic last generation.
    • iPod nano 1st generation
    • iPod Classic 1st – 5.5th generation

Only 2. is hackable. The decrypted firmware mean we unable to access and add TH-font anymore. It never been easy to add thai font for vintage iPod even we have unencrypted firmware

Since iPod 4th generation rev-2 (this version called iPod photo) iPod is only dot pixel screen. But since iPod Photo released the rest (iPod movie, iPod video, iPod nano) has all color screen and font seem to be a bit tad.

I still haven’t test iPod Wizard yet. Quite not sure if I need to hack that’s myself.

The easiest way (the laziest way) is to use Cooked firmware from

All we need to do is lower our firmware version and update cooked firmware (windows , Mac)

That’s it! easy isn’t it?

You don’t know how much time does it take me to understand the structure of firmware and font and end up using somebody cooked firmware without using what I have learn.

I’ll update how to use iPod wizard once I using it. It’s PC application so I can’t ‘expertise’ yet. And I won’t blog what I don’t know.

I did some researched how to add font via ipod wizard, OTF/Bitmap Font, Firmware accesible from iPod and firmware .ipw, using iPod updater and much more. That’s really complex and best explained how to tweak your iPod best. The biggest problem is iPod updater itself not working on 10.6 and need iTunes 6 (What?! I’m using 10.5!). Windows has compatible mode for case like this but I’m not sure how to do the same thing on Mac. That’s why I didn’t explained how to do tweak and add font, but tell you where can you obtained Cooked Firmware.

#FYI iPod Wizard for iPod 5.5G – Here


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