Dear EX

Posted on: 4 มกราคม, 2012

Dear Miss Rangsan******

I’m not sure how to start this never reached letter. I don’t ….. know how to start when everything done and long gone. I just want to say thank you for everything you’d done. Even it good, or bad that was a lesson. You’ve taught me what’s right and what wrong, how to love and beloved, how to wait and keep silent when someone need but no need. Life with you together was perfect… until the day you don’t need me anymore.

I knew you was trying to say something in your birthday, but the cake kept it away and I deserved that. But just two month later you just want me to getaway. You just want life without me.

You taught me how to wait.

You was acting like we were still couple after you done the justices.
That’s taught me how to keep peaceful at every moment it available.

You told me to wait…. forever.
I learnt how to wait.

You fled away and said I’m your big big mistake ever. The biggest failure in your life.
You taught me how to stand through bad time.

You were back in the day before I left Thailand.
And stay suffering in a bad romantic life after me.

I was loving you…. No, I still loving you in the different way.
I was love you as much as gentleman could done for lady.
And now it’s only brother and sister.
I was worrying about you, Worrying about your future, your life, your couple.
Lately you seem to have a wonderful life ( I assumed that)
I was left behind in peace. This is what I’m waiting for…. you happiness.
When you have yours, I could leave you with ‘him’ and having my life.

I still loving you as sister, It’s doesn’t matter if you have boyfriend or not.
I still caring you as sister, It’s doesn’t matter if you have boyfriend or not.

And now in 2012 You’re gone for good. You left me with Gracias… I’m neither happy nor sad. This is life and we need to keep moving forward.


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