Dell Thailand

Posted on: 19 เมษายน, 2012

I was trying to extend my Latitude E-6400 warranty. This one was nearly 3 years old and NBD (Next Business Day) services is almost expire. I deposited by cash on 21st Febuary. A month later and nothing happen. My warranty expired! I was trying to call DELL Thailand for my sales rep. Siu Ching is was my Dell’s sale rep. She’s the worst sales I ever dealt.

She must be a tough girl working in a fucking shit industry with pressure and fucking wonderful lifestyle. I called her EVERYDAY and I never reached her. Not even once. After a month I think I lost that money so I tried to brought this to Consumer Report.

Wait a min! Dell still has alternative choice for customer. Web Chat! I was trying to do web chat but unfortunately I was using OS X at my work so Active X (or something) unable to work.

I tweet to note I’ll contact via web chat once I got home. @Dellcare tweeted me and tried to assisted me this trouble. After nearly a week and no progress @dellcare decided to asking me sales rep name and email.

Couple of day after that  (and many called that never reached Siu Ching) @dellcare tweet me the Warranty is now have extended. (I’m now in the middle of April. Month and a half since I deposited)


My warranty extended to Febuary 2014 (As it suppose to be) But if I count it correctly I only get 22 month warranty ( Where is that 2 month disappearnce? Yeah, the time I tried to reached my sales. And it never happened)


Day later Siu Ching called my mother. Telling her was mailed from DELL HQ (YEAH! YOU SUPPOSED TO GET THIS!) And she doesn’t understand why! She said if we were facing any problem we can call her at anytime.

OH MY DEAR MOTHER FUCKER, I WAS CALLING YOU EVERYDAY FOR MONTH AND A HALF. And end up never talked to you, never even once.

I think I want Siu Ching to get fired. 2 month warranty is now in the middle of 4th dimension of time and existence.Luckily my laptop was not broke when its status was ‘warranty expired’

You’re very lucky Siu Ching. But not everytime luck stay with your side.

The next time is the death of your career.

I promised.


PS. I recommend everyone who gonna buy Dell in Kingdom of Thailand should be aware!  Every buyer knows South Easts Asians Dell’s sale rep working as Richman. They never called you back, neither services the customer. Actually if I need to specific this I could says “Thailand Dell’s sale rep suck. They never really want to sold us neither computer ,nor services. These team is one of the worse Dell I’ve known.

(I don’t know how cover is this but Malaysia and Thailand share the same Factory HQ)

My Final Verdict? Dell is good, Thai Dell is FUCK!



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