My face smile, eyes don’t

Posted on: 19 ตุลาคม, 2012

I was walking in the Siam Paragon alone wishing to visit the exhibition hall in the other floor since my former-employee is preparing the BIG-festival. A game event…. While I was walking and have my mind clouded in the confusion my sister was coming from nowhere (she is my 1st gf’s best friend and yet, she’s the best sister I’ve had)

We’ve conversation for a while and she felt something wrong. She noticed something conflict on my face and she realized that I was smiling, but ….my eyes were not. She knew I was gonna cry… or maybe already crying inside.

So I end up not visited my ex-employee exhibition but had more conversation with her.

She forced me not to smile,

yet, I still smiling with crying mind.

I can’t let it go…I can’t

1 Response to "My face smile, eyes don’t"

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