Yes, I’m nerdy. No, I’m not your toy.

Posted on: 26 ธันวาคม, 2012

Yes, I’m nerd. Geek and Nerd are best fit for me. It described all about how I responses to thing surround me, how I lived my own life. And yes, I had some wound. Some thing about bullied.

I used to be completely Nerd. I had no existsence to anyone and that’s quite a pain in a teenager ass. And that’s how I was wrong about myself. I’d rather do anything to get some respect, friends and existence. It normal thing teenager do in their life, only thing was wrong are YOU. It was wrong because I counted all of YOU in ‘friends’ checklists. I supposed to made friend with anyone but YOU.

You made me a stupid joker anywhere I went. At first it fun because at leasts someone on this planet felt my exists and accept it. Later it quite …. I don’t know how to described this in positive. I was bullied. If you couldn’t blame something for whatever that happened. It must be my ‘something wrong because of me’

Well, that’s why I faded myself from church, from your ecosystem.

A decade later I nearly forgot why I was lost. I came back and try to recover what lost, restore something that remain and making a new ‘ME’.

And yes, You and I haven’t met in person for nearly a decade. 9 years if I count it right. And what you’ve done just reminded me why I was the one who left.

You just start bullying me again. Yes, even a decade couldn’t change you kick ass behavior. You’re fucking idiot and stir my hatre again. Whatever I forgot became clear to my eyes.

I’ve sworn I’d never go to church in any Sunday (if not neccessary/urgently). Other six day is fine because you’d never visited church but No, never will on Sunday unless someone I care getting marry or die.

If you still alive I promised you’ll never met me. Never in this decade, never until 2023 and if you still doing the same way I promises I’ll double it for another two decade. Hell yeah!

I’m neither your toy, nor friend. I’ve never been friend with any of YOU.


Asani Viriyaakavuthi
Man never been your friends


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ธันวาคม 2012
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