Ingress in Bangkok (1)

Posted on: 16 มีนาคม, 2013

สำหรับผู้ที่เล่น Ingress เป็นอยู่แล้ว (และอยู่ในกรุงเทพ) บล็อกนี้ไม่เกี่ยวกับท่าน

Dear Resistance and Enligthen agenst around the world, In case you visit Thailand (doesn’t matter what) and you need some place to get fun on Ingress some of this venue is ‘a must’ for you.

1) Wat Pho (Lat/Long – 13.746618,100.49322)

Wat Pho is one of the most beautiful and wonderful temple with many Chinese cultural mix (I can’t specific what and why since I’m not a historician and don’t believe in Buddha), btw just leave historic behind. This temple has so many beautiful scenic, a lot of stone craft that’d attractive Western (or whereever you come from), Not only the sculture but also the services. The temple has massage services (by Thai Massage Medical school) that’s famous among tourists. I never tried it since I’m ok with hacking and XMP blastering 😛

In case you want to visit I’d tip you that Temple services time is 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (btw We keep hacking the portal until Midnight, contact local Agents might help you about this)

*caution* Thailand is damn hot, have some skin protection like SPF bla bla bla and a lot of drink if you visit in the day. Woman shouldn’t dress shorts since Buddha’s monk are not allowed to do a lot of thing like touching woman (like sitting next to woman) or see/meet female alone. I know this may sound strange but please! respect whereever you visit please. That’ll help a lot of people not just you but everyone.

of course, I’ll keep either updating or posting new places for Ingress while you’re in a SEA trip. :_)



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