Plain note

Human is too fragile. Just a bit touching and he’s death. But when I was seeking death I found human is so strong against process of dying

Starving death – its torture for a very long time. Days and nights pass and you still alive.
Dehydrate – faster way to visit hell. I think this could get 4 star of torment as well
Cut you wrists – you need to get drunk or take all the pain and possibly cut it too shallow.
Take overdose drug – in my knowledge paracetamol is effective. It’s hurt your liver (a lot) when you take them a lot (not sure how many but 20 could kill you) if you just suicide and hope someone could safe you (fake suicide) you may have damaged liver for the rest of your life.
Lack of Oxygen – I never tried this but I guess this one will be painless since you gonna fall unconscious while Carbon monoxide overdose in your Hemoglobin. Be cautious this way completely damaged all your internal organs. Not recommend for anyone that’s really not need to suicide (Kinda people that’s need suicide attention.)
Jump from height – I never tried this before and never will.

Another way to suicide? Never tried it. I’m sorry but I hope this is not gonna be updated (hopefully I’ll never need to updated it.)


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มีนาคม 2017
อา พฤ
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